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46 Bazar devotes to introducing traditional Chinese culture, historical figures, fascinating legends, history and folktales. We also provide professional Chinese naming services as well as a collection of exquisite oriental home decoration products for your collection.

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Chinese Myth: Pangu, The Creator of World

Long long ago, there were no sky and earth but only dark gas, like a gigantic black egg. There was a giant sleeping inside the egg, his name is Pangu. One day, Pangu woke up from his sleep...

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Chinese Myth: Kuafu Chasing the Sun

There was a huge mountain called Youdu on the far north of the sea. Everything on the mountain was in black, black bird, black snake, black tiger, even the giants living up there were black...

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Chinese Myth: Houyi Shot Down the Suns

One morning in the ancient China, instead of taking turns traveling the sky one by one a day, ten sun brothers decided to have an outing together. Intensive heat generated by the ten suns quickly...

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A Brief History of Chinese Porcelain 1: The Beginning

The invention of porcelain is an important milestone in China history and porcelain wares have been playing important role in Chinese's daily life since then...

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A Brief History of Chinese Porcelain 2: Southern Green Northern White

In the Wei, Jin, Southern and Northern Dynasties era a united China was once again divided, there were at most three at the same time, a total of fourteen reigns occupying different parts of China...

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A Brief History of Chinese Porcelain 4: The Tang Dynasty. Xing Kilns of North and White Porcelain.

White porcelain made its debut in the war-torn northern China during the Wei, Jin, and Northern and Southern Dynasties and was later made perfect by Xing Kilns' artisans in the Tang era...

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