Native name to Chinese name transliteration service

There are over 85,000 Chinese characters and each of them corresponds to at least one of the 400 Chinese syllables. When transliterating, we will choose the characters that are closest to the native name in term of pronunciation. Other than that, the meaning the chosen characters carry are also as important as how they sound like the original name, only characters with good and auspicious meanings, can best reflect owner’s personalities and characteristics pass the strict scrutiny.

Native-Chinese name transliteration

Traditional Chinese naming service

A decent Chinese name consists of surname(姓) and personal name(名) just like all Chinese people have. We pick the best Chinese surname for you based on your requirements or you can choose your preferable Chinese surname from the list we prepared. We will create you a unique and beautiful  Chinese name based on your requirements list.

Dedicated Chinese name

Chinese name(姓名, xìng míng) usually consists of two to four Chinese characters and has surname (, xìng) comes first, followed by given name (, míng), which is different to most Western names. There are over 85,000 Chinese characters that one can pick from to create a pleasant, auspicious name.

Chinese naming

Having a good name is utterly important, Chinese parents spend a lot of effort on naming their newborns in hopes of their children have promising future. It is also not uncommon that grown ups have their name tuned in order to change their luck from bad to good.

Chinese believe that a good name can help to achieve,

Academic achievementsAcademic achievements
an auspicious Chinese name brings you good family and interpersonal relationshipsGood family and interpersonal relationships
Happy and healthy lifeHappy and healthy life
Excellent career and financial statusExcellent career and financial status

Our naming services

We are offering you two Chinese personal naming services here on 46bazar, Native-Chinese name transliteration Service and Traditional Chinese Naming Service. In addition to that, you can also make the new Chinese name we create for you into a beautiful Chinese name seal.

We promise

We abide by strict Chinese naming rules and never will us violate Chinese folk taboos, all names we create are guaranteed ethical and not offensive. The last thing we want is getting you mocked or putting you in danger. Our mission here is to give you a Chinese name that you can proudly share with love ones, friends and acquaintances, no matter what the occasion.

Feel free to talk to our Chinese Naming team if you have any questions regarding Chinese name or our services, we are happy to assist you!